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Documents Needed

  • Valid driver's license or photo ID for taxpayer and spouse

  • Identity Protection PIN, if one has been issued to you, your spouse, or your dependents by the IRS

  • Social Security Cards or Proof of ITIN and Birth Dates for all taxpayers and dependents​​

  • All Income Statements: Forms W-2 and 1099 (1099-MISC and 1099-NEC) for self-employment income

  • Social Security recipients (Form 1099-SSA)

  • If received unemployment compensation (Form 1099-G)

  • All interest and dividend statements from banks, mutual fund companies and/or insurance companies (1099-INT and 1099-DIV)

  • If you sold stocks or mutual funds (1099-B)

  • If you receive retirement income (1099-R)

  • If you receive rental income, bring documentation for payment(s) and expenses

  • All Records for Expenses for Business(es), Paid Tuition (1098-T), Interest Paid on Student Loans (1098-E), Mortgage Interest (1098), Sales taxes (on major purchase), Medical Expenses, Charitable Contributions and/or Real Estate Tax. Even if you do not itemize deduction for federal, these documents could be beneficial to State return

  • If you made a major purchase such as automobile or boat, sales taxes paid may be deductible

  • If you recently purchase a home, (HUD-1)

  • Dependent Child Care Information: Name and Address of Child Care Provider and either their SSN or EIN

  • If Purchased Health Care Coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you must have Form 1095-A

  • Bank Routing and Account Numbers if would like to have funds Direct Deposited into their account 

Documents Needed: News and Updates
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